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Grip -­‐ toilet bag
Guava Hair Cream-­‐Balm, 250 g
Hair balm cream «Guava» (removes exfoliation, for all types of hair) Description Saturates ..
Hainan Tao Aloe Shower Cream, 350 g
  Aloe Shower Cream (gentle cleansing and moistening)   Description: Al..
Hainan Tao Olive Body Cream-Milk, 350 g
  Olive Body Cream-Milk (intensive nourishing)   Description: Luxurious..
Hainan Tao Olive Shower Cream, 350 g
  Olive Shower Cream (gentle cleansing and relaxation)   Description: T..
Hainan Tao Rose Body Lotion, 350 g
  Rose Body Lotion (sensual aromatherapy)   Description: Satisfaction p..
Hair Growth Activating Mask, 250g
  Unique formula activates hair follicles, strengthens roots and generates hair growth, ..
Hair Growth Activator Shampoo, 250 g
Hair health support and restoration   Description: Softly cleans hair and scalp...
Hair Growth Activator Tonic, 50 g
Hair energy and beauty Description: Active composition influences directly upon hair foll..
Free hair   Description: Soft cotton lycra-containing hairband with a tuoch fast..
Hand Cream "Golden Ginseng", 80 g
The Best of Nature For Your Hands! Description The cream foundation is Ginseng Extract, the..
Hand Cream "Seaweed", 80 g
The Best of Nature For Your Hands! Description Cream nourishing formula makes hand skin del..
Hand Cream "Solar olives", 80 g
Velvet Comfort   Description: Olive Oil and Pearl Extract grant the cream with m..
Hand Cream "Sweet lemon", 80 g
Intensive Skin Hydration   Description: Cream provides for an intensive hand ski..
Heating Foot Cream, 50 ml
  Description: The cream stimulates circulation and prevents legs from hypothermia a..
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