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Shake Oil Antifungus Cream, 30 g

Shake Oil Antifungus Cream, 30 g
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There is a high level of protection for the skin maintains the normal pH of the skin, relieves irritation, cuts and wounds heal, eliminate toxins. Disinfects, improves blood circulation, relieves itching, has antibacterial activity. Prevents minor skin infections, eliminates odor and perspiration makes the skin beautiful and well kept. Can be applied in a problem with varicose veins in combination with Fito Foot Gel "Slaviton"– code -43103

How it works:

High protection;

Maintain normal pH balance of the skin;

Relieves irritation;

Accelerates healing of micro cracks;


Protects against fungi;

Improves blood circulation;

Relieves itching;

Removes odor from perspiration;

Makes the skin more beautiful and well kept.


Snake oil is a good healer, softens and nourishes. Effectively helps in rough and chapped foot skin. Prevents development of germs, thereby preventing fungi and unpleasant odors.

Extract from chili has a strong bactericidal action, thereby preventing the occurrence of fungi and unpleasant smells. Stimulates circulation and has a pain relive effect.

Almond oil - this is a natural product, which is obtained by cold pressing of Peeled sweet and bitter almonds. Almond oil has a significant amount of vitamins (E, A, E, and B vitamins) and other components that have different useful skin substances. Excellent moisturizer. Encourages cell renewal, protects skin from harmful influences.

Squalene - amaranth oil.  Must have element in the metabolic process.  It is an antioxidant.  Protects skin from damage. There is soothing, moisturizing, antibacterial effect. Easily absorbed.

Camphor - natural herbal ingredients derived from camphor tree. It has antiseptic and analgesic characteristics. Improves circulation. Prevents infection and eliminates odor.


Apply morning and evening on cleansed skin.  Massage until completely absorbed.

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