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Series Model UP Lipo Reduction Complex, 150 ml

Series Model UP Lipo Reduction Complex, 150 ml
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Double Action slim: Gel + cellulite massager correction. Double attack - takes inches and cellulite! Massager with comfortable anatomical shape so that its tip "breaks" the fat, forming graceful contours of the body and enriches the effect of anti-cellulite gel. Anti-cellulite gel stimulates the metabolism and eliminates toxins, reduces the size of the body, reduces swelling, removes the effect of "orange peel".


Phase 1: Massager Model Up improves blood circulation and lymph flow, reduces the amount of fats, tone muscles and soothes the skin, ridding it from cellulite. Massage technique: Massager should be used daily to clean, dry skin before applying anti-cellulite gel Model Up. Keep massagers a 450 angle to the surface of the skin, moving it in a zigzag motion, without lifting it off the skin.

Phase 2: Anti-cellulite Gel Model Up stimulate cell metabolism, helps to reduce the volume of the body and removes cellulite. The active ingredients of the gel, stimulating blood circulation, considerably improve the texture of the skin. In its composition cellulite ingredients based on algae have lymph action stimulates the breakdown of toxins and excess water, which helps to reduce body fat and prevents the appearance of bumps on the skin. The result is a slim figure, smooth and younger looking skin.


After massaging, apply anti-cellulite gel Model Up in problem areas (hips, waist, abdomen). The minimum course duration is one month. The course may be repeated several times a year.

Attention!   Do not apply to acute inflammation, damaged skin, wounds; do not use during the pregnancy, do not apply on areas with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and enlarged lymph knots.

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