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Chilli Cream, 100 g

Chilli Cream, 100 g
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Excellent warms the skin, improves blood circulation. The cream speeds up the removal of fat from the body, improves cellular metabolism, preventing the formation of fatty deposits, reducing the size, effectively tones and strengthens the skin, making it smooth and elastic, and also has a warming effect, which helps to remove fat from the cells.

Active ingredients:

Chili oil - has warming effect on the skin causes improvement of the metabolism in problem areas. Local heating helps to increase blood circulation in the subcutaneous skin layer; fat cells are destroyed and removed from the body.

Sea Algae  - an essential component for cellulite treatments. They have drainage ability and actively contribute in breaking the fat cells while maintaining optimal fluid balance in the skin.

Hyaluronic acid has the unique ability to attract water molecules.

Per molecule of hyaluronic acid is sometimes up to 500 water molecules. Therefor use of products with hyaluronic acid results in a smoothing of the rough surface of the skin and it will recover a healthy skin color and visible younger look.


Apply to problem areas of the body with gentle circular massage movements and rub until complete absorption. It is recommended to be used after shower.   After applying the cream, do massage your self in problem areas, this will speed up metabolism in the skin and remove slag and toxins. To speed the effects of anti-fat cream is necessary to wrap problematic zones with foil.    The wrapping works on the principle of the compression, significantly improves the effect of   cosmetics, allowing for a shorter time to obtain a high efficiency. The time of impact is determined individually, but should not exceed 40 minutes. For extra effect it is recommended to use a chili mask. Applying the cream is not allowed in areas affected by cuperosis and varicose.

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