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Products for skin care around eyes

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Smoothing gel-cream for the eye contour, 15 g
Sea Born Beauty! Description Nourishes tender eye skin with a complex of Vitamins, Miner..
Active anti-wrinkle gel to the skin around the eyes "Snake Factor", 25 g
Intensive Treatment Eye Mask & Phyto Essence 2 in 1, 100  pc. + 10 ml
  Double Rejuvenation   Description: Ultra soft base of the mask soaked..
Rejenerating Capsules for the Eyes, 36pc
Regenerating Serum efficiently hydrates and regenerates the delicate eye skin. Instantly quenchin..
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Series Collagen Active Lifting Eye Contour Cream, 15 g
  Restoration of flexibility   Description: Lifts skin of the eye area ..
Lifting Eye Cream-Gel, 30 g
Eye Skin Vibrancy   Description: Refreshing, tender texture of cream-gel instant..
Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream-Gel, 30 g
Deep Nourishing, Firm Skin and Anti-Wrinkle Effect   Description: Tender cream w..
Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel, 30 g
  Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel «203040…» (rejuvenation for people at the age of 40 and older) ..
Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream-Gel, 30 g
  Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream-Gel «203040…» (anti-wrinkle for people at the age of 30 and old..
Eye contour cream, 25 g
Vitamin C Cocktail for Skin Shiny and Youthful Looks! Description Recommended for skin wit..
Revitalizing Cream-Gel, 30 g
  Revitalizing Cream-gel «20 30 40…» (revitalization, 30+ years of age)   D..
Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream, 50 g
  Moisturizing and Anti-Wrinkle Effect   Description: Mineral component..
Anti Wrinkle Eye Mask with 100% Collagen, 1 pc
Anti-wrinkle mask for skin around eyes with 100% collagen Dual System (against wrinkles) &nbs..
Placental Eye Mask with Shark Fat and Olive Leaves Extract, 1 pc.
Placental mask for skin around eyes with shark fat and extract of olive leaves Dual System (lifti..
Series Collagen Active Crystal Collagen Mask on eyelids, 1 pc
  Instant lifting and smoothing of wrinkles   Description: Provides ant..
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