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Active Peeling Gel, 3 g
Superefficient cleaning Description Provides active exfoliation of dead cells of the stratu..
Series 203040 24-Hour Hydrating Cream, 50 g
  24-Hour Hydrating Cream «203040…» (moistening for any skin type in people at the age o..
Series 203040 Active Peeling Gel, 80 g
  Active Peeling Gel (active, for any type of skin)   Description: Prov..
Series 203040 Aloe Balance Day Cream, 50 g
Aloe Balance Cream «203040…» (moistening, morning care for facial skin, for any type of skin) ..
Series 203040 Aloe Facial Cleanser, 100 g
  Aloe Facial Cleanser(daily peeling for any type of skin)   Description: ..
Series 203040 Balance Clarifying Toner, 100 ml
  Balance Clarifying Toner (daily cleansing, toning for all skin types)   D..
Series 203040 Cleansing Milk, 100 g
  Cleansing Milk (daily cleansing for sensitive skin)   Description: Cl..
Series 203040 Moisturizing Toner, 100 ml
  Moisturizing Toner (daily cleansing, toning for sensitive skin)   Descrip..
Series 203040 Optimum Hydration Day Cream SPF-12, 50 g
  Optimum Hydration Day Cream SPF-12 «203040…» (moistening, protection against UV rays, ..
Series 203040 Recovery Night Cream, 50 g
  Recovery Cream «203040…» (nourishing, evening care of skin for all skin types in peopl..
Series 203040 Silk Touch Moisturizing Cream, 50 g
Silk Touch Moisturizing Cream «203040…» (intensive moistening)   Description: In..
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