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Chili Mask, 1 pc.
Description: Mask effectively breaks down fats, evens skin relief, removes the effect of ..
Apple Peeling, 120 g
Vitamin purification. Apple is rich in "rejuvenating" vitamins A, E and C, raising the immunity o..
Chilli Cream, 100 g
Description: Excellent warms the skin, improves blood circulation. The cream speeds up the re..
Based on 1 reviews.
Cleansing Milk Marine Algae, 150 g
Gentle Cleansing and Moisturizing   Description: Light foam enables gentle clean..
Cucumber Scrub Spa Technology, 120 g
  Cucumber Peeling (fresh complexion)   Description: Contains extract o..
Feet Detoxifying Plaster, 2 pc.
Feet Detoxifying Plaster (elimination of slag and toxins from your body)   Descripti..
Based on 2 reviews.
Grape Peeling, 120 g
Cleaning and restoration of the skin. Grapes - a powerful regenerating, anti-oxidant, moisturizer..
Honey Peach Salt, 380 g
Salt Honey Peach (tenderness and softness of skin) Description Essential oil of ora..
Lemon Scrub SPA Technology, 120 g
  Lemon Peeling (matte skin)   Description: Extract of lemon makes skin..
Peeling "Olive", 120 g
Olive Oil grants peeling with ultimate energy properties. Your skin is radiant with cleanness, st..
Peeling "Peach", 120 g
Due to Peach Extract skin becomes infinitely soft and tender. ..
Peeling Milk SPA Technology, 120 g
  Milk Peeling (perfect softness, healthy pH)   Description: Milk prote..
Phyto wrap "Modeling the figure", 20 g
Phytopatch body cosmetic Yaoshen, 2 pcs
Yaoshen Phyto Patch Description Composed of: Chaff-flower Extract, Gentiana Extract, Buckh..
Pomegranate Peeling, 120 g
Clean and protect skin cells from the inside. Pomegranate extends the life of cells fibroblasts, ..
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