Nano Corrector

Nano Corrector


NANO CORRECTOR lifting effect  

NANO CORRECTOR lifting effect (lifting of skin of face, neck and eyelids)

Code: 12201


Use of this product eliminates the necessity of surgical face lifting and collagen injections. This complex saturates lower layers of dermis with collagen, activates synthesis of native collagen fibers, restores elasticity of skin and clear facial contours.

Rejuvenating result is visible after seven days: elastic skin, evidently lifted facial contours!

The complex includes two products: regenerative meso-cocktail (collagen peptide, β-glucan, glycosamine, hyaluronic acid) and microcapsules with collagen.


1 Apply some dropsof the mesococktail(remedy No 1) to the skin

2. Tap some microcapsule over it (remedy No 2)

3. The third layer is some drops of the mesococktail, massage delicately.

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