We assess our hand in the 0-10 scale.

1.Enzyme Peeling  /Milk - code 30203 , Lemon - code 30201 , Cucumber - code 30204, Grape - code 30205, Apple - code 30209/.

Peeling is active skin exfoliation. Peel keratinous layer with fruit acids avoiding abrasive impact.

How to use: Small dose of peeling, squeeze on to clean, dry hands /no cream/ apply in to the skin by the same movements as washing your hands, until your hands will be dry. While doing so, some small particles may be falling down so ensure that you cover the table, knees with a towel or you do it over your Bathroom sink. Do not wash your hands at this stage.

2.Salt- a „mechanic” peeling with sea salt , vitamins, minerals and healuronic acid  /Green Tea - code 30215, Peach-Honey - code 30213,  Lavender - code 30214, or Rose - code 30216/.

Smallest crystals of salt delicately peel dead skin cells, stimulating regeneration.

Squeeze a drop of salt on your hands and gently massage your hands. You will feel that skin particles are rolling up on your skin. This is old skin. This part of procedure can take up to 1 hour. It is very much depending of your self, just massage your hands long as you like to do so.

Now, wash your hands  and dry them.

Assess your hands again in the scale of 1 to 10.

3. Hand Cream /Aloe Vera - code 40102, Milk Hand Cream - code 40101, Sweet Lemon - code 40110, Solar Olives Hand Cream  - code 40109,  or Ling Chi Rejuvenating Hand Cream - code 40106/.

Use cream after each hand wash.

If at home, put foil gloves on your hands for 5 minutes.

After removing the gloves, assess your hands again in the scale of 1 to 10.

This is how all of TianDe body care products work.

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