TianDe new winter season offers

TianDe new winter season offers

TianDe cares about your future, beauty and your business. Tibetan and Chinese based products have a positive impact on your health, beauty and senses.

Our company is constantly developing. The renovation of TianDe proposals of products is an ongoing process that seeks to satisfy all your beauty and health wishes. That is why, for the upcoming winter season, we’ve selected the best range of products for you.

The series of products that consist of marine collagen (13501, 13502, 13503, 13504), will help you to restore your skin. They remove the traces of stress and fatigue, smooth the wrinkles and have a beneficial effect on the aging skin. Marine collagen helps the regeneration of skin and has antioxidant activity, brilliant care over wintertime. The series of cosmetics with marine collagen is a way to rejuvenate your skin naturally, which is means they work from inside out.

The products for the eye area will impress you with their powerful action. They will remove the dark circles under the eyes, will eliminate the puffy eyelids and you will enjoy a perfect appearance in the winter. Our eye during the cold days is of major importance if we want to look flawless. Using our new product for the eye contour (135031010212106),  - Regenerating Capsules you will achieve a perfect look. This magical elixir will restore the tired appearance of your eyes and eliminate any dark circles.

The hair care in the winter season is an important part of our beauty procedures. TianDe gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the secrets of Tibetan cosmetics, for example, the regenerating serum (20121) for hair treatment is an innovative hair care product that will eliminate the problem of tangled ends, will form the hair and will give it the wanted brilliance and shine. These capsules will provide a protective layer, which prevents weather damage of your hair. Besides all this, they will restore the hair elasticity and improve the appearance of the hair.

The new shampoos and hair masks with ginseng, cream balm Papaja and Strawberry (20101, 20114, 20113) we offer, will return the shine of your hair and improve the hair condition and prevent hair loss by eliminating the breakage. We have a new addition to our Bio Rehab Hair growth series called Hair Growth Activating Mask code 23402.

In winter, the cold and the wind are the main culprits of chapped hands. Taking care of them is essential, as they are most often exposed to external influences. The hand creams from TianDe will protect your hands from getting chapped, heel and restore the softness of your skin. Our protection hand cream (40107) is designed for cold weather and will protect your hands from cold dryness in winter months.

The natural ingredients that we use in the production of our cosmetic products have a magical effect on your beauty and health. The instant effect of the cosmetics of TianDe will rediscover the elasticity of your skin and regain its youth.
TianDe is a company that stands always at the service of beauty and that is why we will continue to support you in the battle with age. The TianDe products for beauty and health are of high quality, continually improved and updated. Keep an eye for more offers coming soon.

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