TianDe Cosmetics For Men

TianDe Cosmetics For Men

Work, sport, the daily active style of man`s life requires special care and attention. TianDe  offers a selection of products specially dedicated to men. Our specialists have created a harmonious combination of natural components that can fight skin irritation and dryness.

In order to maintain and treat the skin correctly, it must be cleansed regularly. Thus a Face Toner not only cleans the skin but due to the fact that it contains Jojoba Oil extract, it creates a protective layer, while smoothing and keeping the moisture of the skin, prevents inflammations and irritations. Above all, it’s good for all types of skin.  The product code is 10124.

Face Cream for Men is perfect for moisturising and nourishing the skin. Ideal just after shaving as it soothes the skin and prevents desquamation. Seaweed extract activates skin metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, improves elasticity and slows down the ageing process.  The product code is 10123

Mans hands are often rough and dry, so we have a perfect solution.  Our hand cream contains vitamin E, which helps fast cell regeneration, improves the condition of your skin, keeps the hands moist and nourished.  The code is 40126

Just arrived is our After Shave Balm.  Hyaluronic acid regulates the liquid balance, keeps skin toned and firm, while making it look smooth and lifted.  It effectively soothes skin after shaving, facilitates healing of small scars, removes irritation and prevents inflammations of the skin.  The code is 10122.

In order to keep the skin radiant and young looking, it is important that the skin is cleaned every time, prior to the application of the products. The best is to clean it with a facial toner or cleaning milk. Also, once or twice per week the skin should be cleaned  using universal peeling or salt.  We suggest cucumber of milk peeling.

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